scraps of what i have together for the Doppelganger species reference

pictured: examples of appropriate nose structures, and 3 different types of body hair (“lionsmane”, peach fuzz, and bald). these are only a few examples of how varied their appearances can get.  

winwhal asked: Didn't you hear Vicki? poor folks aren't supposed to enjoy life, they're just supposed to scrimp and save their money forever and never treat themselves to anything or else shitstain anons will get a cactus up their asses and start talking shit. I'm sorry but you'll have to take those $3 rocks back and not do anything but sit in your room hoarding your money or else you're not 'really' poor. Fucking shithead motherfuckers


well said my love

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also some characters i doodled from that post!! 

i used them for various levels and messing around with all my tools. thanks for letting my fuck with them. characters belong to: artwoes,  microraptoria,  biozonic,  jay-quil, and  errorcritical !

and heres some things that have been sitting in the sketchbook 

ive taken to drawing obnoxious amounts of glitter in gel pen and acrylic 

Anonymous asked: would you ever take on a commission for the dolls you've made before of someones oc's instead of whatever cool monsters you come up with? or are you only going to make them when the idea and inspiration strikes?

yes, I would love to! my only issue right now is space- i dont have room to spread out all my craft junk for making dolls right now. 

i’d also probably have to limit what kind of critters can be commissioned, as there are only so many things i can sculpt. 

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digital commissions closed/delayed

well, I got that new cord for my tablet. it didn’t fix my problem. nor did reinstalling the drivers twice. 

i have my old tablet back at my parents’ house, but until i can get to it all current digital commissions are gonna be delayed. :x 

Anonymous asked: No money for safe living arrangements, but money for nail polish and silly minerals? Saving is a thing. You should probably cut out NEEDLESS purchases.


WOW thanks anon for assuming I waste my money on highly expensive minerals when i buy fairly small ones for less than $3 NOR HAVE I BOUGHT any nail polish. Thank you also for assuming I DONT save any money when i put more than half of my weekly earnings into my savings and that leaves me with less than $100 a week to live off/pay my bills with (after that, I’m flat broke.) thank you again for your words of wisdom Anon but you do not know my life and if i want to buy a rock to make myself feel better in my shitty situation, I will buy a rock or two.

I dunno who’s been sending these messages but I sincerely hope that the jackass thats been sending them isn’t one of my followers who’s decided to pick on her because of our situation.

Cut your bullshit out. You act like you know her life and how broken and fucked up the shit she deals with is but guess what!!! you dont know fuck shit. 

dont act like you know anything. assumptions make an ass out of you and me, so how about you not. 


hey all, its this post again. 

I cannot emphasize enough how badly I need money right now. My roommate and I have been house squatting just to stay way from the toxic environment that we would otherwise be forced to live in. We’ve been trying for months to move and we may have finally found someplace thats compatible with our low income. 

I need to make at least $600, just enough to cover to rent for two months. The healthier environment will help me to get more settled into my artistic business and/or find a job. 

above are some prices and examples of the work that I do

if there are any questions, my inbox and email are open. donations are also accepted if anyone really feels they want to. 

and thank you to anyone who has ever shown interest in my work.

yooooo the apartment we were looking at got taken, but another better place will be open in a month so we’ve worked out a deal with the people who’s house we’re squatting in so we have a place to stay until then.

I still need money to live off of, so signal boosting is still appreciated. Thank you thank you <3 


These are the leftovers from Electric Forest (that I sold nothing of). help me pull myself out of my financial hole by gettin’ some rad stuff for your residence.

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since my tablet went kaput, reblog with a reference of your favorite personal OC and I’ll pick a few to doodle at random! monster/dragon/animal OCs are my biggest preference U3U

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well anyway here&#8217;s another peak at how this image is turning out
sum crystals 

well anyway here’s another peak at how this image is turning out

sum crystals 

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my intuos 5 tablet cord finally gave out. its barely a year old and i’ve been holding it into the port with duct tape just to get it to register. I’ve ordered a new one but its fucking irritating that something so expensive is so cheaply made and now I can’t work on jack shit.

case in point: don’t waste your money on any wacom tablet above the 4th series. they’re pretty looking but they’re cheap shit. 

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