The top image is the face of a seriously stressed out but outrageously happy person. (who has to move in with a complete stranger in less than 12 hours go dorm life)

The Manassasstuck meetup was fantastic. I got these amazing pictures drawn for me by some of the sweetest of peoples- Sheepskin, Mandy, and Cuckoobanaynays. Props to Terminallyxsadistic for making the meetup be a thing!

Also big shoutout to Brian, who showed up to see me off before college. ;w; DUDE IS TOO NICE I was so close to tears because I don’t understand why people are so nice

Even bigger shoutout to Gaby who talked Brian into joining the meetup and Amanda who drove us there. 

If I drew anybody anything, post it if possible, so I can have it here on my art blog! You guys were all great.

[Posted August 18th, 2012 at 3:31 AM]
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    AW YEAH i met this sweetheart on friday and we did an art trade (that’s my caliborn up there) so check out this sweet...
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